Are You a B2B Marketer looking for help creating lead nurturing articles, case studies, or thought nurturing articles?


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Need help writing B2B content?

Are you struggling to create engaging content or enough variety?


David Meerman Scott, Joe Pulizzi and Ann Handley recommend finding a journalist to help you add storytelling to your content marketing.

Cisco, Boeing, and Eloqua have hired journalists, sometimes called brand journalists, to create compelling B2B content from their customer's perspective.

You can too.

As a freelance B2B Content Writer and a veteran business journalist, I help CMOs, B2B marketing directors, content strategists and B2B agencies:


I help companies create content that connects with customers.


Unlike many journalists, I've been writing business stories for years. Sure, I've covered a fire or two, a government meeting, the Seattle Mariners, and even purple potatoes, but mostly I've written about businesses – telling their stories:

 I know how business works.


I've been writing from your customer's perspective for years.


My clients love that I know a lot about content marketing, soaking up the nuances from top content strategists like Ardath Albee, a client of mine, and working with rising B2B Marketing firms like Yesler.

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